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Monday, July 12, 2004

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Today by Tom Waits

This one is depressing, so don't say I didn't warn you!! It's about death, one of my favourite topics! Only mine, I assure you!

I came across this poem today. Well, again, this is a song, and not strictly, a poem. But when I heard it, it was like a poem recited, no music, no nothing.

So, it got me thinking. What if death betrays you? What if you want to die, and death doesn't comply? What if you just want your heart to stop at the next beat, but it just goes on beating? What if you don't want to breathe, but can't hold your breath? What if life conspires against you to make you go on living?

What if the ocean doesn't want me today?

The ocean doesn't want me today
But I'll be back tomorrow to play
And the strangels will take me, down deep in their brine
The mischievous braingels, down into the endless blue wine
I'll open my head and let out all of my time
I'd love to go drowning
And to stay and to stay

But the ocean doesn't want me today

I'll go in up to here
It can't possibly hurt
All they will find is my beer and my shirt
A rip tide is raging and the life guard is away

But the ocean doesn't want me today


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